Masks, Costumes, Set Design for the ICSV Library’s “3 Nanny Goats Gruff” performed by Primary, Grades 1 & 2


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I created all the masks in Adobe Illustrator, printed them, and mounted them on poster board.  I ended up making 38 masks & 16 sets of wings.  Phil Tuckey made two sets of steps for either side of a library table which we turned into a bridge the Goats could actually walk over.  Sarah Clark drew the bridge out for me on a large piece of paper and then helped me paint it.  She was a brilliant sounding board for all my ideas.  I will be posting pictures of the kids in costume soon.  The production was quite a hit, the students loved it.  The ICSV Elementary music teacher, Daniela Ambroz,  did an amazing job with our 3 youngest classes.  They all knew their parts.  They sang loud and well.


Comments appreciated!

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