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Here is the post again.   In time for those Americans living overseas who have no access to canned pumpkin along with a picture of the pie I just pulled out of the oven.

Dax Graphics☧

Butternut Squash = The Best Pumpkin Pie Filling Ever!  

I’ve lived in Austria for about 26 years. There is not much in the way of food that I have pined for except maybe pumpkin pie. I had never made one while living in the U.S. and don’t think I had ever attempted a pie crust from scratch.   Most Americans I have met rely on canned pumpkin for the filling.  What results is a grayish mushy custard that doesn’t even look like pumpkin at all and is often runny.

Well, there’s no canned pumpkin here and that is, believe it or not,  a very good thing. What we do have and readily available in the Fall is  butternut squash. There is nothing better than butternut squash for making “pumpkin” pie. The texture and color are perfect.  Plus, they are very easy to prepare. If you want enough squash…

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