Wheaton College, August 1st, & the HHS Mandate

Life, Political Discussions, Religious Freedom Issues

Wheaton College Seeks Emergency Relief Against HHS Mandate

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has been enlisted to help defend Wheaton College against the  Obama Administration’s Health and Human Services Mandate which states that religious institutions must act against their consciences and provide abortion, abortion causing drugs, and contraception in their healthcare plans.

Wheaton, an Evangelical college, was deemed  “not religious enough” by the government to receive an exemption or even a state of emergency stay.  Wheaton is faced with millions of dollars in fines if it does not comply.  The families it employs agree with the college’s stance, but fear that they will not be able to afford health care.

It appears that the Obama Administration’s goal is not only to bring the Catholic church and its services to their knees, but all religious institutions who do not agree and refuse to comply with this mandate.

These are strange times.


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