Q Ideas Article on the Constitution and Obamacare

Political Discussions, Religious Freedom Issues

The Constitution and Obamacare:The Supreme Court Translated into Plain English

Here is a very reasonable and well-thought out article which helps explain  the decision that was recently handed down by the Supreme Court regarding healthcare in the United States.

You may find it challenging and it may cause some to reconsider what they previously thought about the law or the right of congress to impose a tax.  There is much work that needs to be done and certainly healthcare as we know it in the United States needs to be reformed.  For example, no insurance company should be allowed to drop an individual who has been paying long years into the collective pot because they have developed a  serious illness. That is immoral. This is just the beginning.  Congress passed the law.  Now Congress will have to fix it .  They can repeal what’s bad and keep what’s good.    Health insurance can be made affordable for everyone.

However, my views on the HHS Mandate that religious institutions pay for contraceptives and abortions, etc. have not changed.  The mandate is an affront  to the right and practice of religious freedom and needs to be repealed.


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