Here is an account of the legal and practical flaws with the contraceptives and early abortion mandate, presented by Helen Alvaré in an 11 minute video of her speaking at a Georgetown University religious freedom debate two weeks ago.

I would like to add that you will probably need to  listen and watch this at least twice as she packs an enormous amount of information in the 11 minutes allotted to her in this forum.

Helen Alvaré  is an Associate Professor of Law  at George Mason University.  She also worked at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law.  Professor Alvaré received her law degree at Cornell University in 1984 and a master’s degree in systematic theology from The Catholic University of America in 1989.

The video:   “…will give you the shape of the argument against the mandate along with facts and figures you can use in letters and conversations with media or your federal representatives.” 

Helen Alvaré on Religious Freedom and the HHS Mandate

Political Discussions, Religious Freedom Issues

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