Make Noise for Religious Freedom

Political Discussions, Religious Freedom Issues

Below is an article,  What would Orwell Say?  written by Helen M. Alvaré JD,  associate professor of law at George Mason University.  She is working and writing for religious freedom.

In addition, she and Kim Daniels JD have written an open letter to the Obama Administration, Women Speak For Themselves which now has close to 30,000 signatures.  I urge you to sign it, and pass it on, and get other women to sign it.

The first item I am posting below is a link to Helen talking to a member of congress as well as a link to the letter itself.  Please sign it and pass it on today!  Let the Administration and congress know that you speak for yourself.   Make noise.

Replay of the “Women Speak for Themselves” Congressional Update Call of Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Would Orwell Say?


Comments appreciated!

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