Sunday Experiment — The End!

My Urban Kitchen

Cake’s all gone.  There was no way that the 3 of us could have eaten all that cake.  So I decided to take it to school and leave it in the the staff kitchen.   I am very pleased to report that the cake was completely devoured before 12 noon. The vultures descended.

The cake itself was very tasty:  a chocolate whacky cake, with a very thin layer of orange marmalade, a thin layer of buttercream frosting and very colorful fondant.  The first staff member to see it asked what was up with the psychedelic  cake.  The second one said something about the 1950’s.  I liked the 60’s reference better!  Someone else said it looked Dr. Seussish.  That, to me, was a compliment!

Some people liked the colors far more than I did.   I’ve decided not to quit.  I will do this again!  But the next time I will need a cheaper source of fondant.  The fondant alone for that cake cost 8 Euros.  That’s too pricey for me.

Now, what’s coming next in MY URBAN KITCHEN?  Enough Cat in the Hat cake to feed 120 elementary students and their teachers. I will keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Experiment — The End!

    1. We meant to take a picture when we got it to school, but forgot. It was the largest cake I have ever made…well, not the largest, there were all those Book Month Cakes, but certainly the densest. I miss you!


      1. Strenuous. I have just finished compiling the Battle questions for both Battles. But you will be happy to hear that this year Primary is ahead of 1st grade in the Reading Race :) for the first time ever! You would definitely like this year’s group.


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