Sunday Experiment Part 2: Buttercream Frosting, Rolling Fondant…

My Urban Kitchen

Oh, my gosh.  I feel like a nut job.  This is serious work and muscle is needed.  My good husband is now rolling out the next layer of fondant  while I type this.  Good thing he went to the shop with me and paid attention to what the sweet old lady said.  I missed half of her instructions.  I am convinced I am LD.  Seriously.  I really missed 1/2 of what she said.  The sweet samples of everything in her store did not help my condition either.  The sugar sent me over the edge.

The first layer we tried is green.  The fondant was a bit too short, but the thickness was fine.  No tears.

The second layer (which will be the bottom) is pink and looks awful!  We rolled it too thin.  So I had to patch the sides.  Ugly!

Now the last layer is yellow.  Oh, well at least we managed the thickness.  But I was too quick and made a fold in the fondant on the side.  Otherwise, that layer looks OK, just the color is a bit too shrill.

It is the ugliest looking cake I have ever made.  I think.  Anyway the colors are interesting.  My husband said they are American.  You should have seen his first encounter with lime green jello!

What did I learn from this Sunday night experiment?

1.  Fondant is expensive.

2.  Wear throw away gloves when you color it, or your hands will look like mine – aging hippy tie dye.

3.  Make sure someone is with you the first time you attempt it.  Lifting the rolled out fondant and applying it to the cake can be an exercise in frustration if you are alone.

4.  Watch out for the buttercream layer.  A thin layer is enough.  Don’t over do it.  If you do, the fondant will slip and slide.

5.  It might be a long time before I do this again.  Make sure you have a crowd of people to eat your first cake.  5 layers is too much for 3 of us.

That’s it.  Should I post a picture of this monstrosity?  Maybe.  But if I do, I don’t think any one will ever visit this Blog again.  Now, I am off to clean up the kitchen, and maybe add a few decorations to my creation.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Experiment Part 2: Buttercream Frosting, Rolling Fondant…

    1. Oh, no. Not at all. I took it to school and they ate it all up in a very short span of time. It was very tasty. I will have to post more on this fondant business later. Some people liked the colors. I should have taken a picture. I am my own worst critic.


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