A Piece of Cake: Can she do it? 5 Layers, buttercream, and fondant …

My Urban Kitchen

Experiment Sunday has arrived.  I have just finished baking five layers of cake.  The plan:  put together a funky cake using fondant which until yesterday I couldn’t even pronounce correctly.

Yesterday, I found an old and very fine Viennese shop in the 15th district which has everything you need for baking cakes.  It is called:

SÜWAG GesmbH – Tortendekorfabrik
Sechshauser Str 43
1150 Wien
It is run by a sweet older woman who took the time to explain everything I needed to know about using fondant and how to use powder food dyes.
I found this shop online while looking for black food dye.  When I emailed asking if they had food coloring, her son, answered me right away.  They have virtually everything you need to bake with and even grind their powder sugar so that it has the same consistency as the powder sugar in the States.  Apparently, there is no grit.  I have not tried this yet, but intend to buy some soon.  I was treated extremely well.  Everyone in the shop was friendly, even the other customers.  They all gave me great advice.
Now, I am off to make the buttercream frosting.  I hope this works.

Comments appreciated!

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