Contraception and the Culture War

Religious Freedom Issues

“Here is a worthwhile read by Peter Berger, Sociologist at Boston University.  Berger writes for The American Interest blog on its Religious and Other Curiosties page  that the HHS Mandate is indeed an affront to religious freedom.  I do not agree with everything he writes here, but believe it is valuable and ought to be read in order to better grasp the current situation:

Contraception and the Culture War

“…But I do agree very much with the protesters’ view that the Obama administration was about to violate constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom in a serious way. That is the issue here, and not women’s health—contraceptive devices are easily and inexpensively available in places other than Catholic hospitals. I also agree (though I am not a lawyer) that the administration’s action goes against a long tradition in American law of solicitude for the demands of conscience (religious or non-religious).”


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