The Grace Effect: How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief, by Larry Alex Taunton – A Review









Dinesh D’Souza’s comment on Thomas Nelson’s website about Larry Alex Taunton’s The Grace Effect: How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief made me curious enough to want to read the book myself and review it.   The preface and prologue fascinated me. Taunton begins by recounting a conversation he had one evening with the late “New Atheist”, Christopher Hitchens, and Oxford mathematician, John Lennox while sharing a meal together after a debate.  The question, “what would the world be like without Christianity?” was raised that night in the restaurant. Taunton, in answer to that question, tells the story of his family’s trip to the former Soviet Union’s Ukraine to adopt a child no one wanted.

This is a personal look at a world where Christianity was suppressed and overpowered by a government that had no need for it and the consequences of trying to get rid of the one thing that humanizes, celebrates goodness, light, and life.  For some this will be an eye-opener, for others it will confirm what they already know.

I read this book with interest, but sometimes found the author’s reactions to corruption in Ukraine a bit condescending.  What did he expect?  The wretched effects of seventy years of atheistic communism cannot be undone in a few short years.  I know two families who have adopted children from former Soviet Bloc countries.  Their experiences were similar to Taunton’s. His critique would have been much stronger, I believe, had he spent more time examining how the U.S. in its current efforts to rid itself of Christianity is becoming increasingly God-less and corrupt.   All that said, I recommend the book.  It is a quick and thought provoking read.

Comments appreciated!

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