New White Bean Stew with a Crème Fraîche Base

My Urban Kitchen, Soups

This is a very simple, but delicious white bean stew!


1 large onion diced

4 cloves garlic diced

1 red and 1 green “Spitz” pepper cut into thin strips

mushrooms sliced

7 cubes frozen spinach

2 large cans white beans ( 800 grams each)

75 grams of diced ham (optional)

200 grams crème fraîche


smoked paprika

paprika (hot)

1 chicken bouillon (Knorr)

1 dry whole chile crumbled into tiny bits (optional)

olive oil (2-3 tablespoons or your best judgement)

Empty the white beans into a colander and rinse well. Set aside.  In a large soup pot sauté the diced onions, garlic, add the green and red peppers.  Next add sliced mushrooms continue to sauté until just softened.  Add the diced ham, and beans. Toss together.   Stir in the  crème fraîche. Crumble and add  the chicken bouillon to the pot, 2 knife tips of smoked paprika, some hot paprika, the crumbled chile, salt, and pepper to taste.  Thin the soup a bit with some boiling water.  Finally, add the frozen spinach cubes.  Cook stew until the spinach is thawed and heated through.

Serve with toasted English muffins or Finn “Toastbrot” that can be purchased at Zeilpunkt.  The muffins can be torn up and added to the soup and eaten like croutons.

Serves 6.


Comments appreciated!

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