Wonder what would happen if I took Austria …


… added an L and an A, do you think the weather would change?

This blogging business is not what I thought it would be.  There are precious few hours left  in a day to write in cyberspace.

Today, I could use a beach and books.  The sound of the surf rolling continuously over sand, a stillness in motion and an endless stretch of time to pray, read, and think.

At the moment I am reading the book of Matthew.  It is shocking.  There’s the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ instructions on how to pray: The Our Father, and all the parables that no one seems to talk about anymore.

When Jesus tells his followers how to pray, he doesn’t teach them posture, or give them a list of steps to perform.  He gives them a short prayer that is so deep, so unlike the plethora of books on the subject that it should stop us in our tracks.  The rest of Matthew is like a commentary on that prayer.

We are told to forgive others as we ourselves have been forgiven.  If we do not, our Father in heaven will not forgive us.  See the parable of the Unmerciful Servant for an in-depth explanation of what Jesus means.   The”Our Father” is not a prayer to blindly recite.  It is a prayer that must be lived in real time among real people – our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, our enemies, in our churches.

Do I really understand what this means?  Do I keep accounts of all those who have offended me, hurt me, stepped on me?  I do.  I keep accounts.  He doesn’t.  He wipes the slate clean.  He clears the debt.   Do I?  No.  I demand my rights.  He did not.  He could have, instead He went to the cross. He died.  And cancelled the debt of the entire world.   So, why do I nurse my wounds and insist on my rights?  Do I get it? Do I live this prayer?


Comments appreciated!

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